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Forum Thread: How Do I Remove the Bed of a 1987Chevy v10

My husband needs to replace the fuel pump in a 1987 V10. It has dual tanks. Not sure if this means it has dual pumps. I cannot find a helpful video anywhere. How do we remove the bed to replace the fuel pump? Its a 1987 V10 Chevy Silverado. We found this problem when we replaced the battery, it would turn over but not start unless we sprayed starter fluid on the carbuerator. Once he gave it gas, it would die. Help!

Forum Thread: Power Locks Keep Unlocking Doors

Hello, I recently bought a new battery for my '03 Celica GT (dunno if the year and model will help) it was fine for a day and now ive been noticing that my car keeps unlocking the doors 5 times in a row every other 2 minutes, when driving. Its very obnoxious, and i don't have the money to go to a shop just there a way to disable the power locking until i go to a shop? Thanks